Alien Snowboards has been around since 2004 and the spark for Alien Snowboards has been around even longer.
At age of 11 in 1988, I got my first skateboard. And soon after that snowboarding started to get big here in Finland. I didn’t have the money to buy a snowboard so I built my first snowboard from my old skateboard, and the Alien Snowboards story had begun.
Severel years later in 2004 I founded Alien Snowboards. In the early years I produced board prototypes and finally a small production at a huge factory in Austria and later at a smaller Canadian factory and the the final step before starting my own factory was the production of boards in California at a very small factory.
Since then I have been putting together the factory here in Helsinki, Finland, and the prodcution at the Alien Snowboards factory is planned to start late december.

By supporting Alien Snowboards you will get a snowboard company that produces the boards at it’s own factory in Helsinki, Finland,  which is not just company, but a company that strives to make an impact in the business world and get other companies inspired to locally produce products and create jobs and support the local economy.

We are building snowboards locally and in that way we support and build the local economy and create jobs, instead of producing the boards in cheap-labor countries. We are showing the world that it’s still possible to produce products locally. Even if we are a small company and just a drop in the ocean we strive to create chain-reaction and get other companies to do also produce products locally and while doing so, create jobs and build the local economy.

Also check out our facebook page: Alien Snowboards on facebook


Alien Snowboards necklace up for grabs!

This Alien Snowboards unique hand made silver necklace with a leather string can be yours. 2 lucky people who like our fb page and share this picture will get a necklace when our fb page hits 600 likes! Share this and invite your friends to like our page. (necklace size 25x35mm, worth 119 eur)

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The Alien Snowboards online shop is live! :)

Alien Snowboards online shop is finally open, for now, only deliveries inside Finland, but SOON we will take orders worldwide! Only the I Love Snow t-shirt (for men and women) is for sale now, but SOON we will add more shirts and also there are more cool stuff coming, logo-keyring, limited edition silver logo-necklace, etc. [...]

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Winners for the t-shirt giveaway!

Our 3 picks for the t-shirt giveaway. Tim from the USA seems to have some soul in him, as he wrote: Snowboarding isn’t just about fat booters, pow, and turns. It’s about the love for Mother Nature. If it wasn’t for her we would be all dry out here in the Sierra Nevadas of California(it’s [...]

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