About Alien Snowboards

Here is my answer to what snowboarding needs and why I build Alien Snowboards?

For me snowboarding is enjoying and loving life, untouched snow, the silence of nature, you ride down surfing through the snow with you friends and when you get down you just turn around and look up where you just rode down and without words you just feel it, this is snowboarding at it’s best! For me building Alien Snowboards is more then “just a business”, it’s my way of trying to bring this feeling I just described back to the snowboard industry! By building something I believe in! Yes, a business needs to make money to be able to survive, but what matter is on what cost you make the money? Making money can NEVER be more important then your friends and our nature!

Jari Niemelä
Alien Snowboards

Alien Snowboards around the world

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Alien Snowboards around the world

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